Research Projects

SLIS faculty are involved in a number of grants and research projects including:

  • Information Horizons Mapping to Assess the Health Literacy of Refugee and Immigrant Women in the USA
  • Mapping the Independent Media Community (MIMC) The MIMC project is transforming the Film and Video Makers Travel Sheet (1973-1987) into a searchable database and digital tools for visualizing data related to the Media Arts Center Movement and the production, distribution, exhibition, and collection of independent media in the United States and abroad.
  • Linked Data for Libraries: LD4L Labs - Library Linked Data Creation, Discovery, and Understanding. The goal of this project is to create a Scholarly Resource Semantic Information Store (SRSIS) model that works both within individual institutions and through a coordinated, extensible network of Linked Open Data to capture the intellectual value that librarians and other domain experts and scholars add to information resources when they describe, annotate, organize, select, and use those resources, together with the social value evident from patterns of usage.
  • Enhancing SciENcv through Semantic Research Profile Integration.
  • Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry - funded by a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, this multi-year experiment supports a variety of collaborative practices in the humanities.
  • Shakeosphere - this project includes existing author, publisher, bookseller, and printer information for essentially all literature printed in English between 1473 and 1800.

Past grants awarded to SLIS.