Pierce, Jennifer Burek

Associate Professor

School of Library and Information Science
3076 Main Library
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1420

Jennifer Burek Pierce writes about changes in media for young readers, creating histories of moments in media use that reflect important developments either in library history or contemporary culture. Her current research explores Nerdfighteria and Vlogbrothers' viewers as communities of readers, emphasizing the ways readers craft their responses to stories. An essay on readers' responses to The Fault in Our Stars was published in The Edinburgh History of Reading in 2020.

Her research on nonbook materials for children in libraries won the ALA Library History Round Table's Davis Award in 2018. Fellowships from the American Antiquarian Society and Winterthur Museum, Libraries and Garden supported that article and her other studies of books, games, and toys for young readers. A 2013 essay evaluates historical developments in e-books and picture-book apps for children. The essays have explored trends in publishing and young people's reading, considering their implications for libraries, past and present. Topics of particular interest include the ways books and other media are shared and promoted by communities of readers, whether in libraries or online. Intersections between reading and contemporary technologies contextualize these studies.

Her books include:

Prof. Burek Pierce serves on the advisory board for the University of Iowa Press.

Areas of Interest: 
Print culture and book history, including 21st century and digital media; literature and non-fiction materials for young readers; library history; communities of readers; and community engagement and service learning.