Lechtenberg, Kate

Adjunct Faculty

Department of Education
N231 Lindquist Center
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1420

Kate Lechtenberg earned her PhD in Teaching and Learning from the UI’s Language, Literacy, and Culture program in 2020 and her MA in Library and Information Science at the UI in 2011. Her teaching and research interests center on critical literacy and anti-oppressive education, children’s and young adult literature, intellectual freedom, collection development, and curation in schools and libraries. As an active member of the American Association of School Librarians, she was awarded the Frances Henne Award in 2016 and an AASL Research Grant (with Dr. Jenna Spiering) in 2020. Dr. Lechtenberg served on AASL’s Standards Implementation Task Force from 2015-2018, chaired a task force to revise AASL’s Position Statement on Labeling in 2020, serves on the School Library Research editorial board, and worked as a news intern and blogger for the Office for Intellectual Freedom.


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Spiering, J., Lechtenberg, K., & Amato, N. (2020). Sexual assault and trauma: Young adult literature tackling tough topics. School Library Connection.

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Lechtenberg, K., & Phillips, J. (May/June 2018). Speaking up for equity takes courage--But the Standards have your back. Knowledge Quest, 46(5), 56–63.

Lechtenberg, K. (Nov. 2016-July 2020). Monthly blog posts on Intellectual Freedom Blog. Office for Intellectual Freedom, American Library Association.

Areas of Interest: 
Critical pedagogy and critical librarianship, school libraries, children’s and young adult literature, disciplinary literacies, intellectual freedom, collection development, and curation.