Law Librarianship

The School of Library and Information Science offers a joint Juris Doctor/Master of Arts with the College of Law. The primary goal of this joint program is integration of the two areas of study. Students in the joint program may apply a limited amount of credit toward both degrees. Effective Fall 2019 up to 6 s.h. in law may be applied toward the M.A. in library and information science; up to 12 s.h. in library and information science may be applied to the J.D. Students in the joint program take law courses their first year and begin taking School of Library and Information Science courses in their second year. Separate application to each degree program is required. Applicants must be admitted to both programs before they may be admitted to the joint degree program. For more information, see College of Law in the General Catalog. Elective courses are also available for those wishing to specialize in law Librarianship but who do not wish to pursue the J.D.