The Master of Arts in library and information science requires 36 semester hours of graduate credit, with a grade-point average of 3.0 or above, and the successful completion of a career development portfolio or thesis.

The 36 semester hours include 12 hours earned in four required introductory-level courses, 12 hours in core secondary-level courses, and 12 hours earned in approved elective courses. As noted above, a thesis option, in lieu of a career development portfolio, is available for students who wish to gain more research experience.

The SLIS curriculum is structured in three tiers, building from a common curriculum into your chosen area of specialized concentration.

The first tier consists of four foundation courses which provide a solid grounding for all successive course work:

  • Cultural Foundations
  • ​Conceptual Foundations
  • Computing Foundations
  • Contextual Foundations (choose one):
    - College and University Libraries
    - Public Libraries
    - Special Libraries
    - School Library Media Administration

The second tier is composed of ten core courses of which you are required to take four courses based on your professional track.

The third tier courses are your electives, allowing you to focus on your area of professional specialization. Select four courses from the third tier.

SLIS MA Curriculum Chart - Fall 2017
SLIS MA Curriculum Chart - Fall 2016

SLIS Course Rotation by Semester - Fall 2016

SLIS Course Descriptions

For questions or clarification related to the curriculum, please contact the SLIS office at or 319-335-5709. We'll be happy to help you plan your coursework to best prepare for your career in librarianship.