School Media Certification

The University of Iowa offers a state-approved program leading to endorsement as a School Media Specialist (K-12).

In order to fulfill state requirements for this endorsement, students must hold or be eligible for a teaching license and complete a designated sequence of courses, which lead both to certification and to the M.A. degree.

The following courses are required for the K-12 school media certification. A total of 36 semester hours is required. Click here for course descriptions.

Classroom activityClassroom activity

SLIS:5010Cultural Foundations3 s.h.
SLIS:5020Computing Foundations3 s.h.
SLIS:5030Conceptual Foundations3 s.h.
SLIS:5044Contextual Foundations - School Library Media Administration3 s.h.
SLIS:5200User Education: Multimedia3 s.h.
SLIS:5220Resources for Children3 s.h.
SLIS:5230Resources for Young Adults3 s.h.
SLIS:6020Literacy and Learning3 s.h.
SLIS:6110Evidence Based Practice in LIS3 s.h.
SLIS:6130Community Engagement3 s.h.
SLIS:6330Archives and Media3 s.h.
SLIS:6530School Library Media Practicum3 s.h.