Dr. Burek Pierce awarded Summer Research Fellowship

UI International Programs has awarded SLIS Associate Professor Jennifer Burek Pierce a Summer Research Fellowship for 2021. Dr. Burek Pierce’s project, Contemporary Folk Cartography: Methods of Finding Fictional Places on Real Maps, explores fans' and readers' practice of putting fictional places on real digital maps. Folk cartography, or maps made by ordinary people rather than specialists trained in the conventions of mapping, has a long history. Building on her earlier studies of twenty-first century readers who document their enthusiasm for books through online media, she plans to create a methodology for examining this activity in the present, which occurs around the world. Burek Pierce explained, “When fans add fictional places to real maps, they make an argument for the power of narratives and for the influence of stories on how we should think about the world.” According to the International Programs office, this fellowship, is “designed to promote the internationalization of research on campus."