SLIS Students Present at BH and DH Conference

Bright and early on Saturday, September 23, Hannah Hacker and Jenna Silver-Baustian, current SLIS students and Public Digital Humanities Certificate scholars, presented at the Book History and Digital Humanities 2017 conference. This conference—a two-day affair convened by the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison—aims to study how digital humanities grows out of book history, how “bh” and “dh” continue to be mutually informative and generative, and how they also contradict each other.

“We were both extremely nervous since neither of us had presented at a conference before,” Hacker said.

Their presentation, entitled “Artists’ Books in the Digital: Interpreting 3D Rendered Artists’ Books in Libraries and Digital Humanities with Remake and SketchFab,” was the culmination of work started this past spring. During Spring 2017, Hacker and Silver-Baustian were in the same Visual Arts class together: Digital Approaches to the Study of Art. Both Hacker and Silver-Baustian work in Special Collections, and they both thought that 3D modeling for artists’ books in the collection would be a cool project to work on. After finding out about the BH and DH conference, they realized that they could present their work at a conference, too.

“So we started to meet up for coffee or brunch on weekends, and we would do research and work on the abstract together,” Hacker said. “A lot of caffeine and hard work was poured into that little abstract.”

Hacker and Silver-Baustian ran their ideas and abstract by several people, including Assistant Professor Bjorn Anderson, their professor at the time, who helped suggest programs and generating models for their project, as well as Mellon Postdoctoral Research Scholar Matthew Hannah and former Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar Christina Boyles. At the end of the semester, Hacker and Silver-Baustian finally submitted their project for the conference, and early that summer, they found out that they had been accepted.

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