New LISSO President Speaks to the Future

New LISSO President Speaks to the Future

Dear SLIS Students,

This Spring I had the honor of being elected LISSO president, and I wish to thank my fellow SLIS students for choosing me for this position. I also want to congratulate everyone else who was elected at the same time, including those who were elected to our two new positions that will help promote our program and enhance recruitment to our school. Together we are all planning some exciting changes in the year to come.

First, we are creating a new committee, the Committee for SLIS Spaces (yes the abbreviation is indeed CSS, and yes, that was intentional), who will be in charge of all the SLIS areas, such as the bulletin boards, the co-lab, and the kitchen. I want to thank everyone who has agreed to serve on this new committee. Over the summer we will work to amend the Constitution so that all these new positions will become official.

Second, we are planning to contribute to the new student orientation in a few new ways based upon our own experiences with last year’s orientation. We will be working hard this summer to develop a new plan for welcoming incoming students into our program. This is important to us because we believe that we are all in this together, and we want the incoming students to know that they are part of the UIowa SLIS family.

In addition to these summer projects, we will also be working to provide a variety of speakers and workshops throughout the coming year. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we are all excited to be part of LISSO and are looking forward to working toward making the new school year a successful one.

Christine Vivian
LISSO President 2013-14