LISSO Looks to the Future

LISSO Looks to the Future

At the first meeting of Spring semester, LISSO officers Kelly Thompson (President) and Bennett Magnino (Social Chair) discussed the importance of looking forward for the organization.

The two mentioned ideas to amend the LISSO constitution at the next meeting, suggesting instituting a closed voting system, an explanation of the specific responsibilities of all officers' positions, and officially adding the Social Chair to the list of officers.

Elections for the officers for the Fall will be held in April: more information about that will be discussed next month.

Kate Berry, a first-year, won the SLIS photo contest that ran during Fall 2012. She received a $25 gift card to Prairie Lights and her award-winning photo is now the new banner on the SLIS homepage.

The next LISSO meeting will be held March 5th, from 12:30-1:30 in room 3082.