2012 New Student Orientation

2012 New Student Orientation

"People tend not to understand what librarians do . . . What you are doing is important . . . educate people about what you do so you don't get undercut." That's the advice offered to this year's incoming students by Elizabeth Hoover de Galvez, health science librarian and recent SLIS alumna.

Hoover de Galvez participated in a panel discussion at New Student Orientation on Friday, August 17th. Other members of the panel included Amanda Augsburger, Katherine Bullen, Christine Kolarik and Anne Shelley. All but Kolarik, who is a new staff member at SLIS, were recent SLIS grads themselves, coming to speak about their real-world experiences in librarianship and data management.

"Get as much experience as you can, even if it isn't in libraries," added Augsburger. "I have a really good job and I owe it to having a diversity of experience."

In an earlier session, LISSO officers Kelly Thompson, Beth Kamp, Audrey Altman, and Bennett Magnino provided information about the University website and how to navigate the new world of graduate school. The co-editors of B-Sides Jen Eilers and Sarah Alexander talked about the open-access, peer-review journal that showcases student and alumni work.

Classes started August 20th. We are excited to see what these new students have to offer!