SLIS Student Hears President Obama Speak

SLIS Student Hears President Obama Speak

President Obama visited the University of Iowa campus on Wednesday, April 25th to address the issue of keeping college education affordable. Current SLIS student Cassandra Elton was there among thousands of other UI students and community members.

"I was in the way back on the floor of the field house, but even though it was hot and sweaty, and we'd been standing there for three hours by the time the President came out on stage, it was worth it to get to hear him live. He has such a presence, such a great way of speaking that I really felt like he cared about me as a person as well as me as an American," she said.

President Obama's speech focused on keeping college education affordable. "College isn’t just the best investment that you can make in your future—it’s the best investment you can make in your country’s future." He stressed the need for low interest rates on student loans and for federal grants.

The president said that he and Michelle Obama could easily relate to students today. "We’ve been in your shoes. We didn’t come from wealthy families. We needed loans and we needed grants to get our way through."

If you weren't at the field house on Wednesday or watching live on television or the internet, you can read the transcript of his speech or watch the video.

Photo by Bill Adams.