SLIS Students Impacted by Alabama Tornado

SLIS Students Impacted by Alabama Tornado

SLIS students at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa were impacted by the deadly tornadoes that rolled through the area last week. University of Iowa SLIS student Julia Skinner has friends at UA SLIS thanks to her work with the Hack Library School (HLS) blog.

Now she is reaching out to help her LIS friends several states away recover from the devastating storms. Other UI students such as Melody Dworak have been helping to raise awareness through social media. Although the University of Alabama was not directly hit, operations shut down for some time and commencement was postponed until August. Even next fall’s football season and other activities are in jeopardy because the damage was so great.

So far, the UA SLIS community has received approximately $2,200 in private donations. To find out more about the damage and find out how you can help, read Lauren Dodd’s blog post on Hack Library School.

To donate directly to UA SLIS, visit

Watch a video showing how close an EF-5 tornado came to the campus.

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The Hack Library School blog project is designed to help SLIS students across the country connect about their library or information school experiences and have discussions about the future of LIS education and practice. Skinner is a regular contributor to the blog and posts about questions and ideas that have arisen from classes at the University of Iowa. If you are interested in getting involved with the HLS blog, you can fill out an online form.

Photo from LEX-18 TV.