Presentation to Publication Workshop Hosted by BSides

Presentation to Publication Workshop Hosted by BSides

BSides sponsored a “Presentation to Publication Workshop” for students thinking about publishing their research, including recently presented posters. SLIS professor and published LIS author, Jim Elmborg, shared his thoughts and experiences over lunch, which was also provided by BSides.

Presentation on Publication

He encouraged students to ask several questions of themselves when first thinking about publishing:

  • What is my motive? Why should this be published?
    Elmborg said if there is not a genuine desire to share, you may want to reconsider.
  • What research model am I emulating? (Narrative or scientific tradition, practitioner-based research)
  • Do I have a knowledge claim? Is this more than a well-informed opinion?
  • Do I need more information before I publish? Do I need to go back to my data, collect more data or read more?

“Research is more than a sort of generally well-informed opinion that you’re putting out there,” he said.

Elmborg also suggested looking at how articles in the discipline in which you want to publish are constructed and giving works to other professionals to critique before sending them into a journal.

He also stressed the importance of examining and evaluating failures as well as successes—especially in practitioner-based research.

Students in attendance asked questions, and a few stayed after the session to chat.

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