CLIP Fills Many Roles

CLIP Fills Many Roles

Andrew Carnegie is a well-known name in the library world because of his philanthropic support of libraries in the early twentieth century. What may be less well known is that Iowa received the fourth highest number of Carnegie grants for public libraries (behind Indiana, California and Illinois). To commemorate this history, the Carnegie Libraries in Iowa Project (CLIP) was founded in 2002.

The CLIP digital collection contains material from the 101 public libraries and seven academic libraries that were funded by Andrew Carnegie. The collection contains both historical and modern images.

“CLIP has served as a class project, a source for independent studies, and more recently, as an opportunity to acquire experience in working with a digital library,” CLIP director Shana Stuart said.

Current SLIS student Brittney Thomas helped design the 2011 calendars, which feature all 108 Carnegie libraries in Iowa. A special discount is now in effect. Calendars are $8 plus $1.50 for shipping and handling and make great gifts for those interested in libraries or Iowa’s heritage.

To order a calendar, contact Vicki MacLeod in the SLIS Office or Shana Stuart through her University of Iowa email account. Calendars can also be picked up in the SLIS office.

Stuart said CLIP is always looking for volunteers and can provide a variety of experiences for library students. For more information, visit the CLIP website. Shana Stuart is the contact person for volunteers as well.

The photo for this story is of the Iowa City Carnegie Library, which was located at 212 S. Linn Street.

To access the digitized postcard, visit:,642