LISSO Hosts Book (and Media) Drive for Prison

LISSO Hosts Book (and Media) Drive for Prison

LISSO’s December meeting will feature a presentation by Stephanie Kassel, Library Services Coordinator for the Residents' Library at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center (IMCC, which is also known as Oakdale Prison). Kassel will speak about the career path that led her into prison libraries and her day-to-day experiences at IMCC. The meeting will take place at noon on Wednesday December 1st in room 3083 in Main Library.

To benefit the IMCC Resident’s Library, LISSO is organizing a book drive. Please bring your donations to the Co-Lab, where there will be a box marked "IMCC Donations.”

Some notes on donations:

A variety of types of media are welcome, including books, VHS, DVDs, CDs, Cassette Tapes, and Magazines, in both English and Spanish.

Preferred items:
Popular and current fiction
Spanish language materials

The population generally favors these over other items, such as hardcover, nonfiction, romance novels etc., however the IMCC population is very diverse and includes female offenders and patients, so a wide variety of items will be accepted

Prohibited items/themes:
High sexual content and themes
Criminal sexual acts
Computer, electrical systems, construction, or security concerns
Magazines with staples
Movies with ratings of R or higher
Media with an explicit warning label

Donations will be divided by subject matter; Religious media will be given to the Chapel Library, Educational media to the Education Library and Hospice media to the Hospice Library.

All donated materials are shaken down, checked for content and may/may not be accepted.