SLIS Students Pack Showing of Copyright Criminals

SLIS Students Pack Showing of Copyright Criminals

About 25 SLIS students attended a public screening of the documentary film Copyright Criminals at the Iowa City Public Library on Friday, October 24. The screening was followed by a LISSO social in downtown Iowa City.

The film deals with the history of music sampling and looks at issues of copyright and creative in the digital age. Some artists and groups in the movie include Public Enemy, George Clinton, Clyde Stubblefield and De La Soul.

Both of the filmmakers have ties to the University of Iowa. Benjamin Franzen got his BFA in photography and his BA in communication studies from Iowa. Now, he bases his photography and video production out of Atlanta. Kembrew McLeod is an associate professor of communication studies at the University of Iowa. He is the author of several books and is an “occasional music journalist.”

After the film, McLeod answered questions about the making of the film and copyright reform. Most of the questions were asked by SLIS students.

McLeod favors grassroots development of community standards and the use of Creative Commons licenses to stimulate creativity while still protecting the rights of copyright holders.

He also talked about some of the specific artists mentioned in the film and the struggles and triumphs they have had with sampling.

Those interested in using Copyright Criminals in a classroom setting can request a free educational DVD from the PBS website.

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