UI Federal Documents Librarian Offers Mini-Course

UI Federal Documents Librarian Offers Mini-Course

Professor Patricia Katopol is inviting members of the SLIS community to come to one or all of the following sessions by Marianne Mason, UI Federal Documents Librarian. Mason is teaching a mini-course on Government Information for Katopol’s E-Government class. All presentations are expected to be 60 to 90 minutes long and start at 9:30 a.m. the SLIS technology classroom.

In the first two sessions, Mason discussed the role of the Federal Depository Library program and types of government documents available. She also led the class in comparing databases that add value to free government information as well as web portals that allow users to search the information.

Mason is active in the professional conference world and has been giving students in the mini-course an idea of some of the challenges facing all types of librarians who will need to find government information for their users.

Remaining presentations:
Sept 22 Government Information 3
FOIA, regulatory agencies, and statistical sources

Sept 29 Government Information 4
Federal Depository Libraries, managing government information

Useful links:

Mason’s Guide to Finding Government Sources
FDSys: U.S. Government Printing Office
USA.gov: Office Web Portal