Iowa Women’s Archives Celebrates Women’s Suffrage

Iowa Women’s Archives Celebrates Women’s Suffrage

Women won the right to vote 90 years ago on August 26, when the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified.

The campaign for women’s suffrage began long before that. In fact, Iowa women were actively involved in fighting for the ballot for seven decades. Notable suffragists such as Amelia Jenks Bloomer and Carrie Chapman Catt had ties to Iowa.

SLIS student Christine Mastalio is the Project Manager for a grant-funded digitization effort in the Iowa Women’s Archives to create an online suffrage exhibit and digital collection in honor of the 90th anniversary. Check out a sneak peak of the exhibit online.

ISMC records, IWA, University of Iowa Libraries

Image from Iowa Suffrage Memorial Commission records, Iowa Women's Archives.