Check Out the New Open Access Journal from SLIS

It is official-editors and peer reviewers for BSides have ushered the first submission through the peer review process for the online publication.

Now you can check out 2009 SLIS grad Amy Slowik's article Flora and Fauna in the Folio of a 14th Century Psalm published at Iowa Research Online, the University's institutional repository.

BSides is an open access, peer reviewed journal for SLIS students and alumni. The student-run publication officially launched this spring. Submissions are published on a rolling basis and are not limited to traditional article formats. Part of the mission of BSides is to encourage dialogue about any type of work SLIS students are doing, including websites, power point presentations and other media forms.

Currently, the journal is seeking submissions and peer reviewers. Please submit your work at this website: Works in progress are also encouraged so students and alumni can learn from each other's work.

If you have further questions, email