eBooks and iPads Generate Discussion

eBooks and iPads Generate Discussion

On Christmas Day 2009, Amazon announced it sold more eBooks than physical books for the first time ever. It was only one day but new and reinvented technologies are creating a stir in the publishing, bookstore and library communities.

Track the history and future of eReading through recent news articles.

From Project Guttenberg’s digitization efforts in 1971 to the release of the Kindle in 2007, the eBook’s history has been rocky.

According to a Publisher’s Weekly study, eBooks are popular among those who use them, but remain a slice of the overall market. Libraries rank near the bottom for sources of eBooks for readers.
Apple releases the iPad. Steve Jobs says this will revolutionize eReading.

But others say the iPad is not all it is cracked up to be. A comparison reveals the Kindle still has some advantages.
Apple is not the only one developing new technologies for eReading.
Will the printed book die? It has been a discussion since the 1970s. Some say new developments spell the end for a 500-year-old technology.