SLIS Accreditation Review

The University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science is currently undergoing its seven-year review for reaccreditation by the Office of Accreditation of the American Library Association. The School was first accredited in 1971 and has been successfully reaccredited since then. In 1995, it was reaccredited under the 1992 Standards for Accreditation and again in 2002. The School's most recent Program Presentation was submitted to the COA office in January of this year.

On February 16 and 17, SLIS hosted a six-member External Review Panel for a site visit. The panel members interviewed tenure-track and adjunct faculty, students, office staff, and the SLIS Advisory Panel. They also met with the Dean of the Graduate College and the Associate Provost. SLIS Alumni and employers of alumni were also surveyed. The final copy of the ERP Report was received on March 23. The final decision of the COA will be published in July 2009.