New Librarian of Congress Sworn In

This September 14 was an important day for librarians everywhere, marking the day that Carla D. Hayden was sworn in as the 14th librarian of Congress. Dr. Hayden is the first African-American as well as the first woman to lead the Library of Congress, and she is also the first trained librarian to lead the library since Lawrence Quincy Mumford’s departure in 1974. Dr. Hayden hopes to increase digital access to the library and improve weaknesses at the library that have persisted for decades. She brings a great degree of experience to the job, having worked at almost every level of the library from children’s librarian to president of the American Library Association, as well as serving as the chief librarian at the public library in Baltimore during April 2015, when Dr. Hayden and her staff made the decision to open their doors and allow the library to serve as a refuge for the public during the violence triggered by the death of Freddie Gray.

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