Director David Eichmann Presents at Annual VIVO Conference in Denver, CO

Director David Eichmann was a speaker at the annual VIVO Conference in Denver, CO on August 17-19, joining an eclectic group of scholars, scientists, researchers, developers, publishers, funding agencies, research officers, students, institutional officials, and those supporting the development of team science scholars. Director Eichmann presented three abstracts: “Visualizing Virtual Communities in the VIVO Profile Ecosystem,” “Service-Driven Profile Linkage—the CTSAsearch/CrossLinks Experience” (with Eric Meeks), and “Extending VIVO Infrastructure to Support Linking Information between EarthCollab VIVO Instances” (with collaborators), as well as a poster: “Enhancing SciENcv Through Semantic Research Profile Integration with the VIVO-ISF Ontology.” The majority of this work is reporting results on his work on CTSAsearch and its integration into other systems.