Director of the Carnegie Libraries in Iowa Project Receives Grant

Shana Stuart recently received a generous grant from the State Historical Society, Inc., which provided funding for a quarter time graduate position for Fall 2016. Stuart has served as the director of the Carnegie Libraries in Iowa Project (CLIP) since 2002. CLIP has had graduate fellowships before, but after the funding disappeared, it had been mostly volunteers helping to collect materials like postcards and documents such as board minutes, letters, and other reports. CLIP had been collecting these materials, but had not had a way to input them into the website. But thanks to the grant, the project can finally move forward.

The grant offers an amazing opportunity for a graduate student to gain experience with organizing and uploading historical documents in a digital context, as well as preserving them and making them accessible to all Iowans. SLIS MA in LIS candidate Bethany Kluender accepted the CLIP graduate assistant position and began working with the project in September.

CLIP has also been collecting blueprints from the Carnegie libraries through another grant from the State Historical Society, Inc., which enables the blueprints to get scanned and uploaded.

These efforts are part of CLIP’s mission to chart the history of Iowa's Carnegie libraries by creating a publicly accessible digital library of images as well as other documentary and statistical information.

“It’s preserving Iowa history,” Stuart says.