Call for Applications - Meet the Manuscript Project: May 16 - 27, 2016

In 1699 Don Francisco Muñoz de Carillo and Ynes, Marquésa de Villel, husband and wife, drew up a 192-page will in which they expressed their preferences for the partitioning of their wealth upon their deaths. Workshop participants will transcribe and translate this document for publication in the format of an online edition, providing access to a wide range of scholars, teachers and students interested in social and economic history of Golden Age Spain, as well as medieval and early modern Spanish Literature. Learn more.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate or graduate student, faculty or staff at The University of Iowa, or its surrounding community and institutions.

Required: At least six semesters of university-level Spanish language or the equivalent.

Desired: A strong interest in the history of Spain, manuscript studies, or the digital humanities.

To Apply: Applicants should submit a CV containing names and addresses of two references, a statement of purpose no more than three double-spaced pages, and a copy of their transcripts (unofficial) showing successful completion of coursework or other evidence of Spanish language competence. Applications along with supporting documentation (in PDF format), should be emailed by March 15 to both and Read full details here.