Student Organizations


LISSO is our student ALA Chapter. You are a LISSO member, dues free, as an accepted student of the School of Library and Information Science, and are invited to attend any meetings and associated functions.

Librarians for Social Justice

Librarians for Social Justice is a student group that focuses on the many social justice issues librarians face in the workplace. From information access and banned books, to services to underrepresented populations, this group engages with the community to combat injustices. It’s important to note that this group is not only a discussion group, but also a group of action, which will work with community members and organizations. The group additionally participates in volunteer projects and fundraising efforts.

B Sides

B Sides was created as an electronic journal that is edited entirely by Library and Information Science students. The journal publishes work by current students and recent alumni in a wide variety of formats, such as research papers, PowerPoint presentations, and web sites. The B Sides Project has also taken the form of a podcast. This project has a goal of providing an interactive and accessible space where LIS students, faculty, alumni, and community professionals can dialog about all aspects of the study, profession, research, and practice of LIS and related fields.

Beta Phi Mu

Beta Phi Mu is an international honor society for Library and Information Studies. More than 35,000 graduates from accredited programs around the world have joined. Membership is extended to SLIS students by invitation and no more than the top 25 percent of each graduating class can be invited.