Undergraduate-to-Graduate (U2G) Degree


The School of Library and Information Science prepares students for careers in libraries, archives, galleries, museums, and other information organizations. The University of Iowa is the home to the only Library and Information Science program in Iowa that has been accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) and one of only a dozen offering a full range of LIS specializations in the Midwest.

In an effort to decrease the time to degree for students and help students enter the workforce more quickly, the University of Iowa and School of Library and Information Science support an Undergraduate-to-Graduate (U2G) curriculum for undergraduates in any major at the University of Iowa. Undergraduate students admitted to the School of Library and Information Science may to apply twelve credit hours toward both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree requirements. The intent of the program is to enable an early entrance to graduate school for students seeking an LIS degree.

Students are encouraged to apply during their junior year of studies.

Students who apply and are accepted may choose up to 12 hours of credit from the following 3 semester-hour classes from the program’s core curriculum:

  • SLIS 5010: Cultural Foundations
  • SLIS 5030: Conceptual Foundations
  • SLIS 5020: Computing Foundations
  • SLIS 6110: Evidence-Based Practice in LIS OR SLIS 6179: Organizational Management
  • SLIS 6115: Information and Inquiry


Students applying to the U2G in Library and Information Science must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • a minimum of 80 semester credit hours completed towards the Bachelor’s degree;
  • transfer students must have completed 30 semester hours at Iowa prior to application;
  • a minimum cumulative UIowa GPA of 3.25 at application and 3.0 upon completion of undergraduate degree.

More information is available on the Graduate College webpage.


Students are encouraged to begin the application in the spring of their junior year. The Graduate Admissions application for the U2G program must be received by the Office of Graduate Admissions before the beginning of the senior year.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is assessed at the undergraduate level during the undergraduate portion of the program. Graduate tuition will be assessed beginning the first semester after undergraduate commencement.

Who to Contact?

Kara Logsden, kara-logsden@uiowa.edu, Lecturer, School of Library and Information Science