SLIS Alumni Receives Allie Beth Martin Award from the Public Library Association

Maureen is a 1982 graduate of the University of Iowa's School of Library and Information Science and also earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University. She currently works at the Edina Library of the Hennepin County Library system, and prior to her time there she worked for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Her first novel, When Charlotte Comes Home, was published by Alyson Books in 2006. Charlotte won the Minnesota Book Award for Novel & Short Story. In 2015, her second book, The Enigma of Iris Murphy, won the Tartt First Fiction Award for a first collection of short fiction. Iris Murphy was published by the Livingston Press of the University of West Alabama in 2016. In early February of this year Maureen was notified that she was the 2017 recipient of the Allie Beth Martin Award from the Public Library Association for "extraordinary range and depth of knowledge about books or other library materials" and "distinguished ability to share that knowledge." Ms. Smith stated that she is "very proud to be a graduate of Iowa and thankful for my library school training."