Option A: Career Development Portfolio


Option A: Career Development Portfolio

Your final term of study at SLIS also marks the beginning of your search for your first professional position post-MA. As the final requirement for your degree, you will build a Career Development Portfolio that will help you to reflect on your career goals and develop the application materials that you will submit to your potential employers during your job search over the upcoming months.

Your Career Development Portfolio will include:

  • 2 current position advertisements
  • 2 resumes
  • 2 cover letters
  • 1 career development plan

Students must have completed 30 semester hours of coursework and all core courses by the end of the semester in which they present their posters.

The Process

Each student will be assigned to a faculty member who will work with you to revise and develop your application materials. You will submit your Portfolio about half-way through the academic term. Following the submission of your Portfolio, you will meet with your Portfolio Advisor to discuss your career goals and your application materials. To meet the requirements for graduation you must, submit all of the required materials, meet with your faculty advisor, and complete any required revisions by the stated deadlines. For further information please visit the Career Development Portfolio ICON site.