Carnegie Libraries In Iowa Project (CLIP) rolls out new website

The Carnegie Libraries in Iowa Project (CLIP) is celebrating the 1917 centennial of the last two Iowa grants by launching its new expansive website at: http// CLIP is an interdisciplinary endeavor that seeks to chart the history of Iowa’s Carnegie libraries by creating a digital library of images and other documentary and statistical information. While Carnegie libraries around the State and across the nation have been studied individually, CLIP is developing a platform which will allow for a broader state-wide examination of the impetus that led Iowa’s communities to pursue the Carnegie funds to build libraries for their growing towns. Through the digitization of the documentation involved in the acquisition of each community’s library, it will be possible to examine and explore the similarities and differences of their experiences and to acquire a better understanding of how the communities developed and used their libraries.

Iowa’s communities provide a rich resource for this interdisciplinary endeavor. Between 1892 and 1917, 104 Iowa communities requested funding from Andrew Carnegie to build libraries in their communities, although only 99 grants were ultimately accepted. Iowa communities received the 4th highest number of grants nationwide which resulted in the 6th highest number of libraries built. Iowa’s colleges and universities also received the 3rd highest number of grants for academic libraries. Much of the documentation regarding the establishment of Iowa’s Carnegie libraries has been preserved, but it has not been digitized or made available for study.

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