Iowa Bibliophiles "The Real Life Dilemmas of Buying Rare Books"

September 9, 2020 - 7:00 pm

This month, rare book dealer Adam Weinberger would like to provide an honest assessment of some challenges, at least those he faces, in buying rare books.

Despite the impression of the rare book business as a rarefied scholar's trade, Adam has found it to be a very emotional one as well. Buying books involves many aspects of psychology including convincing owners to sell, overcoming competitive urges, underpaying, overpaying, restraining personal enthusiasm, taking risks outside one's area of expertise, the highs of closing a deal, and the lows of missing out on a treasure.

The presentation will also be recorded and placed on Special Collections' Youtube channel at a later date. Following the presentation, a brief Q&A will follow, which will not be recorded.

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