October 5, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Bennett's Apartment
(check your email for the exact address)

Join us to kick off October with a wild board game night at Bennett's apartment. There will be classic strategy games like Risk and Clue, as well as more obscure like Ticket to Ride and Puerto Rico. If strategy games enervate you, we'll also have a plethora of casual party games for your enjoyment. And if you can't stand games in general, join us anyway for the snacks and, of course, the delightful company.

Lois Lowry is visiting ICPL on Friday. If you plan to attend her talk, feel free to join the party at your convenience. It's never too late for board games.

What: SLIStoberfest
Where: Bennett's apartment (check your email for an exact address)
When: Friday, October 5 - festivities begin at 7:00pm
Which: Board games. Mounds upon mounds of board games.

As always, you are encouraged to bring anybody that you think would enjoy having fun.

See you all this Friday!