SLIS Proseminar - Iulian Vamanu, Assistant Professor, SLIS - Research Overview

October 2, 2014 - 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm

3092 LIB

My work so far has revolved around three issues: discursive constructions of indigenous knowledge; theoretical and methodological aspects of LIS research; and the critique of prejudiced representations of marginalized groups in the media. I will present some of the main ideas I developed in regard to each of these three issues and three directions in which my research has evolved recently: non-standard forms of knowledge (such as those associated with creative writing and formative reading); Practice Theory as a framework for information science research and the best methods to capture dimensions of practices (narrative inquiry, discourse research, and the Grounded Theory Method); and indigenous curatorship as an information profession in the arena of Native American cultural heritage. Finally, I will discuss roles and responsibilities of indigenous museum curatorship – a practice centered on indigenous knowledge production and circulation.

Link to Professor Vamanu's SLIS faculty profile or his LinkedIn profile.