SLIS Proseminar - Jim Elmborg: Envisioning the Future of Academic Libraries

September 25, 2014 - 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm

3092 LIB

Most of my work relates to libraries as educational institutions in colleges and public schools. During my time working with libraries, we have seen amazing change. My teaching, research, and service are all devoted to helping us understand the nature of these changes and to formulating strategies to guide us in uncertain times. I will provide a narrative of my publications, which have addressed how library public service must evolve in an age of rapidly dropping demand for reference-like services. I will describe my work with schools in Iowa through grant funded programs that have created a new model for school librarians. Finally, I will describe my work with digital humanities, a new movement within humanities departments to invent new publication models for humanities research, a movement that more directly connects the humanities to the general public, and which makes use of new technologies for the study of humanities questions.

Link to Professor Elmborg's SLIS faculty profile and his "Elmborg Here" page.