SLIS Proseminar - David Eichmann "Weaving a Semantic Web: Linked Open Data . . ."

August 28, 2014 - 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm

3092 LIB

The recent buzz around the Semantic Web and Big Data has a strong grounding in Library and Information Science, particularly in the domain of library metadata and citation databases. I'll address some of my recent work in Research Networking Systems (RNSs), particularly Iowa's Loki system ( and cross-connecting RNSs across institutions, using CTSAsearch ( as an example and the vision of a single global scholarly information space. I’ll contrast this information domain with that formed by the English Short Title Catalog (ESTC) and my collaboration with Blaine Greteman (English) on Shakeosphere ( and its cross-connections with the Map of Early Modern London project ( at the University of Victoria.


The SLIS proseminar offers students early program exposure to faculty members and their research interests, as well as an integrated view of different professional fields of library and information science.