Black American Gothic Film Screening

April 20, 2011 - 7:00 pm

Meeting Room A, Iowa City Public Library

POROI (Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry) is proud to present a public screening of Black American Gothic, a film by Carla Wilson about urban migration from Chicago to Iowa City. It deals with racial politics in Iowa City after the demise of public housing in Chicago. The story is told through the experience of Iowa City residents, both old and new. The 50-minute film (which is a work in progress) will be accompanied by a panel and community discussion moderated by Patrick Naick of Coe College. POROI is pleased to present Carla Wilson and her film as a follow-up to last spring’s Media, Space and Race series of public rhetoric seminars dealing with Iowa City’s “Southeast Side.” The film is not appropriate for younger viewers.

Refreshments will be served.