Code4Lunch: Hackathons! (Library Brown Bag Lunch Event)

February 19, 2014 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

2032 Main Library

What is a hackathon? Do you need to be a coder to participate? (Short answer: nope!) At this month’s Code4Lunch, learn more about hackathons and bring your ideas for hacking at the library. Matthew Butler will talk about his recent experience at a weeklong hackathon on Zooniverse’s Notes from Nature crowdsourcing platform (, then Stephen Sturgeon and Chris Diaz from the Scholarly Publishing Committee will lead us in brainstorming ideas for a possible Open Access Week hackathon.
About Code4Lunch:
Most of us interact with a variety of networked technology systems in the course of our daily work. We might be regular users of a system without ever really knowing how it works. Getting under the hood of library technology can be intimidating for everyone, even folks with strong technical backgrounds. But developing an understanding of this technology can be professionally and personally empowering. None of us can know all there is to know about technology, but we can build a culture of openness, inclusiveness, curiosity, and creativity, and challenge ourselves to learn more and learn from each other. Developing a greater base of technical knowledge will help us become a stronger, more confident, and more collaborative organization.
With this goal in mind, all are invited to a monthly Brown Bag Lunch we’re calling Code4Lunch, riffing off the name of the organization Code4Lib ( Whatever your level of technical expertise, the only prerequisite for participation is a desire to learn more about library technology. Code4Lib is a self-organizing community of people interested in and working with digital library technology. Code4Lunch follows a similar principle of self-organization, with participants deciding on topics, and volunteering to give brief presentations or lead discussions.
Please contact Shawn Averkamp ( or Emily Shaw ( with any questions.